Whistleblowing Service

Here you can anonymously report your suspicion of a serious misconduct in a work-related context that is of public interest. As a whistleblower, you are protected against retaliation from your employer. To ensure your anonymity and provide an independent and impartial assessment, your case is handled by Competensum, an external function for receiving whistleblowing reports. Remember that complaints or dissatisfaction do not count as whistleblowing. Thank you for your engagement!

How to Submit Your Report

Follow the instructions in the form. When you send your message, you will receive a password on the screen, which you should save securely to follow up on your case later. This way, you remain anonymous in the dialogue. Within seven days, you will receive confirmation that your report has been received. You will then, to a reasonable extent, receive as comprehensive feedback as possible on the actions taken as a follow-up.